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Edu-Sales Models

building a rocket fueled sales machine

Launch something that impacts lives, differentiates your organization, and boosts sales.


How do you launch a sales effort that grows sales by more than 1,000% in four years?  That was the question being asked by a prominent financial investment company in 1999.  The answer was to pioneer a power booster for the Sales organization based on the executive education industry.  The result was increasing sales by 17x in four years and more than $7 billion in funds raised over ten years by program participants.  We built that model and ran that program.  While there is no guarantee that all companies will have the same success, we can guarantee that we will build and run a world-class, variable cost program that accelerates relationships with customers, shortens the sales cycle, and establishes you as a go-to educational resource in your industry.  


When the traditional sales model isn't enough, boost the power with a custom Educational Sales Model built and powered by Boing Dynamics.  Enjoy the launch.