LINK: Building a High Performance Team

No Kumbaya, fire-walking, or trust falls here!  This Funshop gets real about the challenges and rewards of building a high performance team.  Competing values, hard-wired diversity, humility, drive, communication, and emotional intelligence are all baked into this power-packed "Ah-Ha!" pie of practical application.

Innovation Acceleration

Change or die.  Institutionalizing innovation requires a baseline understanding of what it is and the process to make it happen.  And it isn't easy.  Most don't know what it is, are fearful of job impact, and don't believe they can contribute to a pioneering process.  This Funshop brings clarity to the process and inspires participants to play an active role on the journey.

YOUR Unique Value Proposition

Imagine a life where your impact is amplified, goal setting is simplified, decision making is clarified, and you have a crystal clear understanding of your unique value to the team.  Identifying your unique value proposition - and living it - will positively influence job satisfaction and life experience.  We have helped over 1,000 professionals - from C-suite executives to full time educators - identify their unique value proposition. This fast-paced, interactive day guides participants through the UVP formula to discover how the combination of values, behavior, influence, experiences, and passions define who you are and what you should deliver to the team... all in one memorable, repeatable, life-altering sentence.




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