"Powerful, meaningful, gut wrenching, thought provoking, and inspirational are just a few of the words that our President's Circle members used to describe your presentation.  You have an amazing gift.  Thanks for sharing it with Team UVEST."


Andy Barksdale

Sr. Vice President

UVEST Financial Services

Building a power culture - The pillars of significance

This dynamic presentation is designed to help you identify and implement key drivers in your business culture to differentiate in a competitive blood red ocean.  The key to the future is not always "better, faster, cheaper."  The key to sustaining your future lies in the weight bearing pillars of a powerful business culture. You will learn: how the brick wall keeps many from reaching the pinnacle of influence; how to employ a simple formula to determine your unique value proposition; how to motivate in four simple steps; why socialist baseball is killing corporate America and what you can do about it.

The Kinetic Evolution

Every aspect of business and life is evolving.  Are you?  This highly revealing and practical presentation discusses the reality of life cycles and how each phase requires new leadership approaches, perspectives, and actions. Oh... and it's fun.  Like, really fun.



"Your presentation was the memorable, energetic and dynamic presentation that our attendees were craving.  You delved into our culture, incorporated our initiatives with your expertise, and delivered a knock-out performance.  This won't be the last we see of you!"


Rick Burns

Director, Corporate Relations

Atlantic American Corporation

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Turning the Crank

Imagine if there were a crank attached to the people you need to move that you could access and turn to get them to do what they need to do.  What would that mean to them... and to you?  This humorous, fun, and practical presentation reveals how neuroscience, physics, and art merge to generate action when action is necessary for relevance and survival.


"I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation you put on at our recent National Partners Conference.  The reviews from our attendees were excellent.  You did a great job of mixing timely information with tremendous energy and humor to deliver a very captivating and worthwhile session."


Russell Diachok

President & CEO

Geneos Wealth Management


"At the end of our conference, we have the participants write down three things they plan to implement. Almost all wrote down your ideas!  I'm sure you are not surprised.  Thank you."


Don Warner

Managing Partner

Linsco Private Ledger